The ADC does not work in isolation but is committed to working with organisations that share its vision of transforming the economy of Joza.  The diverse partnerships enable the enable the organisation to rely on the strengths of those partner organisations to achieve the development results that it is committed to. Strategic partners include Rhodes University, The Manaka Municipality, the National Arts Festival, the Grahamstown Business Forum, the Grahamstown Rate Payers Association, and Makana Brick.  In addition operational partners include Oasis Development Organisation, the Joza Youth Hub, The Raphael Centre, the Rhodes University Law Clinic, Ubunye Foundation, SaveAct, St Mary's Day Care Centre, Gadra Education and GBS Bank.  It is the collective energy of partners working towards a common goal that will provide effective interventions in the space, in the long run.




The ADC has been enormously fortunate to have had the support and endorsement from a number of diverse funders.  The Assumption Sisters, from which the ADC has been born have provided seed funding for the development of the ADC's focus on entrepreneurship and work place preparation.  The SAB Foundation has provided finances for the purchase of equipment for ADC affiliated businesses which has been an enormous boost for the business owners concerned.  The Learning Trust and the Solon Foundation support the Thabiso Life Skills Programme and the SaveAct savings group initiatives, whilst SA Breweries sponsors the running of Socionext Entrepreneurship Courses at the ADC.  The ADC has also received support from Gift of the Givers, Rotary Club Grahamstown, and individuals within the Grahamstown community.  During 2016, the ADC was very fortunate to have been granted a significant donation from Misean Cara, an Irish development agency.